Three lessons a BI Engineer can learn from car’s dashboard

Photo by Claude Gabriel on Unsplash

Do you make BI reports for a living? Here are three lessons you can learn from a car’s dashboard.

The automobile is an extremely complex machine with lots of moving parts. You should look into the OBD (on-board diagnostics) toolkit that a maintenance guy brings along. The amount of data a car generates is insane.

But the user-facing dashboard inside the car?

Only what’s relevant is highlighted. There’s immediate and instant value the user (driver) gets from the dashboard at any point in time.

When you start the engine, you get to see DTE: Distance-to-Empty. You know how far it can go before you need to refuel.

Lesson 1: Are you showing what’s important when the user logs into the dashboard?

When driving: — Alert icon activated when fuel goes below a threshold — Relevant engine diagnostic alerts get activated when there’s an issue.

Lesson 2: Are you doing a data dump or helping users see what’s relevant right then?

Unclutter the dashboard.

See the clever use of space in the car dashboard. Most BI dashboards have an alert text. Default is green. Becomes red when things change. But in a car, the default is no highlighting.

Lesson 3: Reduce anxiety attacks!

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